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Publications are one of results of our job. And it's a painstakingly hard job - at least some time - to produce viable papers. Though it also should be noted that research is not measurable by counting publications. Research is interesting (but sadly not self sustaining) by itself.

Where are the papers?

For now until we find a suitable solution we follow the path of least resistance and so every one of our two prominent groups has their own list of publications.

If you need a unified list for some reason please contact us directly.

Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics

A comprehensive list of all published papers can be found on the QCCD publications page.

Theoretical Biochemistry Group

The same applies to the TBI publications page where you can find all papers.

Paper references beginning at the existence of the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry can also be found on the TBI publications page.

Search the University

The University provides a paper search page that is obviously not limited to our institution.