Institute for Theoretical Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry

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Our institution

The Institute for Theoretical Chemistry is as the title already states devoted to studying a vast number of theoretical problems and proposing solutions for them in a manner that puts theory into practice. In our case practice is focused on everything that can be done with computers. Since we are living in the age of omni present information technology the boundaries for our research are far-reaching and really only limited by our funds.


As a result of the broad horizon of research possibilities our institution is partitioned into two prominent groups with different fields of specialty.

Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics

Again the name already reveals what the Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics Group does in general. The group and the whole department is lead in its research efforts by Leticia González. Of course there is a lot more going on so for more details of the what and how pay the groups website a visit.

Theoretical Biochemistry

Once again the name is what the group does generally speaking. A comprehensive explanation of what this group does can - aside from a lot more stuff - be found on the Theoretical Biochemisty group website. Leader of the group is Ivo Hofacker, who is also the head of the Research Group Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Big picture

Even though it goes without saying that we are part of something larger here it is: The Institute for Theoretical Chemistry is an integral part of the Faculty of Chemistry. And of course the Faculty is a specific research facility of the University of Vienna.