Theoretical Biochemistry Group

Institute for Theoretical Chemistry

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Who we are

We are the Theoretical Biochemistry Group within the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry which in turn is part of the University of Vienna. Head of our illustrious group of researchers and of the institute as whole is Ivo Hofacker who also heads the Research Group Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

A short history

The 'Institut für Theoretische Chemie' was founded 1968 as successor of the 'Lehrkanzel für Theoretische Organische Chemie'. The TBI group was set up by Peter Schuster, when he returned from his post as founding director of the IMB in Jena in 1995. He was joined by Ivo Hofacker, Peter Stadler (now in Leipzig) and Christoph Flamm, and together we set out to show that theoretical chemistry encompasses more than quantum chemistry, by investigating topics in biomolecular structure, RNA computational biology, molecular evolution, and chemical and biological networks.
See our current projects on the Research page.

Applied TBI

Is a sub group within our group, lead by Peter Wolschann. The group works on structure activity relationships in pharmaceutical and fragrance molecules, in close collaboration with wet labs.